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Ballet Theme

Throw on your favorite tutu and get ready for some fun.

This party theme is perfect for your little dancers.

FAQs about
Ballet Parties

What activities do you do at ballet parties?...

The ballerina will lead the children through a basic ballet lesson in posture, and how to hold your hands, point your toes. Then she will do a follow the leader type dance routine with the little ballerinas. After ballet time, we have a variety og games, makeovers, face painting, and more available. Often adults will take this time as an opporutnity to connect with their friends and family, so they want someone to keep an eye on the kids. We have enough games and activities for 3+ hours of entertainment, but we recommend 1.5-2 hours for events. If you're looking for a way to make your kid's party special, you've come to the right place.

Do you have other outfits?...

Currently we have the Classic Ballerina pictured above and the Barbie Ballerina also pictured above. Alternatively we can have the performer wear ballet shoes and their natural hair in a bun with any of our fairy or unicorn outfits. Just let us know when you complete a request form.

How far in advance should I book?...

Our availability is first come, first serve. So we recommend booking early, especially with popular weekends. We do book up. Bottom line - book early. We recommend at least 8 weeks in advance for holidays.

Inquiry Form

Once we receive your completed form below, we'll email you with availability and package options.  In that same email you can book your event with a signed contract & $100 deposit.

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