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Yes, you can be a princess

Just last weekend, after chasing each other around the yard and playing with bubbles, the  newly 2 year old little birthday girl sat on my lap, placed her hands on the table with fingers spread wide, and looked up at me with big, brown eyes. "Nails?" I asked, "I'll start with your favorite color - purple." She then proceeded to watch in awe and ask for two more rounds of colors.

This is what it's all about

These moments where the child connects with the character make my world melt. I built this company on the mission of connection. After all, it is "Princess & Me Parties" as in the princess and the child.

If you're looking for more magical moments like this, then keep reading. This could be the gig for you.

Meet the Owner

Hi! My name is Ali and I'm the owner of Princess & Me Parties. My princess journey began at Walt Disney World and in Disneyland where I was "friends with Cinderella" for three years, then continued as I performed for several Southern California character companies.  


In 2014 and with many years of "princess-ing" under my hoop skirt, I started my own company. I wanted my company to be different.

  • A company focused on making the birthday child feel special

  • On creating an engaging performance that kept groups entertained

  • And on nurturing & mentoring the performers


This company is filled with radiant performers who love what they do and it shows. They perform with my company for years or until they get swept off to Broadway, national tours, theme park contracts, movies, and tv shows. 


Growing up, I didn't have a mentor who could give me guidance and supportive feedback. But as an adult and business owner, I take on that position with my cast, through continuous opportunities in (paid) skills training.

My hiring and training process is thorough and expectations are high because I believe in you and in what this company can be for families everywhere. The hundreds of five star reviews from clients speak a lot to what we do here, but the gracious words from my performers speak even stronger. What I do here is different. I hope you'll join us on this fairytale journey. 


Currently Casting:

  • Female performers

  • Appearing in late teen to late 20s

  • Dress size 2-8

  • Melanated Performer of Color

  • To portray Moana, Jasmine, Tiana, live action Ariel, Asha, Isabela, Mirabel

What we are looking for in a performer

This job keeps your acting improvisation skills sharp and your singing voice in shape. Over the years we have had numerous performers continue on to Broadway, touring shows, and big movies. This is the training ground for the high paced world of being a performer. Kids can teach you so much, if you're ready to learn.


  • At least 18 years old

  • Look like the character you are portraying

  • Cigarette smoke free household

  • Own a reliable vehicle

  • Located in the Los Angeles area

  • Willing to commute to Sherman Oaks twice a week to pick up and drop off party supplies and costumes needed for events

  • Willing to commute to up to 50 miles from Sherman Oaks for events - travel compensation beyond 15 miles from Sherman Oaks


  • Kind, compassionate, and happy

  • Communicative, responsible, and trustworthy

  • Loves working with kids

  • Animated & high energy


  • Confident working in high paced environments

  • Multitasker able juggle multiple tasks at once

  • Proactive & thinks of the big picture

  • Independent learner who can pick up information quickly


  • Skilled in improvisation (our parties are not scripted)

  • Experience in live performance (bonus if it's children's theater)

  • Ability to voice match character voices

  • Loud and confident singers (to be heard over a crowd of excited kids singing along with you)


About the Job

  • Great pay! Paid by the performance time. 

  • Starting pay $70 an hour, $105 for 1.5 hours, and $140 for 2 hour

  • Opportunities for pay raises

  • Bonus pay - tips and travel rate. For events held outside of 15 miles from Sherman Oaks, travel rate added.

  • Paid training $20 an hour

  • Travel to Sherman Oaks get supplies. Pick up on Fridays and drop off on Mondays during business hours 9am-6pm

  • Events are improvised based on an outline, so you must have a foundation of acting and improvising experience.

  • Performers sing live with karaoke tracks over groups of excited children, so you must be a loud, trained, and engaging singer

  • Majority of events are one character events, so you must be confident in your abilities and able to lead events independent of supervision.

  • Leading variety of other activity entertainment including but not limited to face painting, magic show, games, story time, and dancing.

  • Independent contractor work (1099 at end of year)

  • Looking for long term commitment of 9+ months. It takes time to get through training, learn several roles, and start to see consistent weekend work. We are investing in you as a performer. The majority of our performers stay with the company 3+ years. 

  • Weekend availability required (at least 2 weekends a month)

  • Weekday availability a plus (we do have weekday events)

Audition Questionnaire

First step in the audition process is completing a questionnaire

I'll email you questions, request a self tape video, & if you fit what I'm looking for, I'll set up a virtual audition


Can't wait to see your audition!

- Ali

Thanks for your interest! We'll get back to you soon.

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