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Learning to face paint with speed while staying in character and maintaining engagement of kids may seem like a big ask, but honestly, it's totally achievable.


Over my 10+ years of party performing, I've learned many different skills to make face painting a hit. I'll show you how!


The goal with this masterclass isn't to make you the best face painter in the world. It's to add value to your party packages, thus leading to more sales.


Some areas I discuss include:

  • set up & supplies
  • introductions & justification
  • line management
  • redirection
  • maintaining engagement
  • how to paint fast
  • handling tricky situations
  • problem solving in character


This course is 55 minutes long. You will receive an email with instant download to a PDF with links to products I recommend and a link to the masterclass video.

Face Painting Masterclass

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